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This is the story of Venus as we see it. Inspired by "The birth of Venus" painting by Sandro Botticelli, in the center of our newly-born goddess there are two giant lions protecting her. We try to channel the powerful energy of the lion, infusing the image of this fearless feline into our story. Did you know that Venus the planet, is the third brightest object in Earth's sky after the Sun and Moon? Animals, especially beasts were drawn to her immensely and she became the object of their worship.

Venus rose out of the blue sea and had never experienced infancy or childhood,
she was born a grown, young woman and had extrasensory perception.
 When she came to life she felt the suffering caused by the polarities, and had infamously said: "Your blood shall be changed into a flower." That being said, she had created a paradise of oneness through the power of the light she possessed inside of her.

Our designs are defined by combinations of the unexpected; a blend of the romantic and the contemporary that we have seamlessly brought together, in this case, a feminine and masculine energies mixed into one. Because, if you look closely, you realize that the lions are actually the extensions of Venus, created by her inner child. Venus in furs could be a woman's sweater just as well, but for the sake of the story, we have a male model wearing it as a king ruling his kingdom.
Either way, it's all Venus and the symmetrical aspect of the collage is the symbol of the mirror and the message that there is nothing outside, there is only within reflecting itself upon us.

If when looking at this sweatshirt, you first see Venus, you are an artistic soul, on the other hand, if you first acknowledge the lions you are more of a logical type that knows how to move and survive through life. Revolver Venus is therefore indestructible force of nature, a sort of a king of the jungle and the most iconic symbol of all times.

We continue to show our love for maximal design with this electric all over printed sweatshirt, emboldened with a vibrant colorful collage on both front and the back. Multicolored and fabulous, this sweater is handmade from sumptuously soft cotton on the sleeves and lycra on the printed parts. Constructed from premium materials, the Venus in furs sweatshirt has been cut for a relaxed fit. Ribbed trims at the neckline, hem and cuffs ensure a refined finish.

•Especially for the printed parts, we have carefully selected a soft mesh polyester fabric of the highest quality, produced in Barcelona, that gives our prints their distinct feathery light feel and touch. We've combined all of that with the advanced dye sublimation technique, that ensures our all-over prints the richest possible colors and an everlasting design, that never fades.

•Entirely handmade in Slovenia•

Make a stylish statement with Venus in furs sweatshirt. It's designed to effortlessly blend into your existing weekend wardrobe. Wear yours layered under a denim jacket, half-tucked into jeans or just loosely over your favorite trousers and shorts.

Our model is 186 cm and he is wearing a size L.




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