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Part of our "Dark 'n Rococo" collection, the PERLA collage art captures exactly that. Classy elegance of deep black color that fuses with the shape of a wearer's physique and lavish ornamenting known from the late baroque era in the form of a veil netting, masked ballroom dancing and sets of pearls.
This shirt is a perfect choice for all of those who want to dress with a discrete elegance, while still retaining the sense of glamour.
Proud member of our most high end collection. With our patented design of perky yet soft frill wings, that consist of a five layer interplay between the tulle netting and chiffon fabric. A type of combination, that gives our shirts their distinctive angel wings look.

Sewed from a carefully selected set of the finest and smoothest materials and fully printed with the advanced dye sublimation technique. Entirely handcrafted by our most experienced tailors in Slovenia. A true piece of art destined to intrigue and designed to dress you forever!
•Entirely handmade in Slovenia
Wear it with skirts or pants for a very special experience provided by our frilled shirts. Keep in mind that the sleeves are easily adjustable, so it is possible to wear them under a jacket or a coat, since they don't lose their unique shape. The summer of your life awaits you with these angel like sleeves.
Feet, what do you need them for, when you've got Revolver Heart to fly?
Our model is 171 cm and she is wearing a size S.

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