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Grahichka! The mysterious woman no one knows and everybody wants to know, the moment they see her. She is as everlasting as the Beatles records and evergreen like her rich grasslands in southern Portugal.
•The ultimate bean lady with the estimated net worth of ten billion dollars, makes any Hollywood celebrity, oh well, not that stacked (smile). The beans, the bees, the cows and a giant golden bull, are her army and her best assets. Lady Grahichka, or just Grahichka, as she would like to be called, is not only known for her good heart, beauty and wealth, but also for eating staggering forty plates of beans every single day.
Her high protein diet makes her look at least 20 years younger, that is why at fifty years old she is a force to be reckoned with.
•Is she a witch, a wise business woman or just a mother of two? Who is she really? Well some local people did meet her through her fortune reading sessions, when she reads with white and dark beans, and they all said, in their CNN interviews, that her aura is so bright and illuminating that they must have spoken to an angel. 
So literally, by wearing Grahichka shirt, you are not just wearing a piece of clothing, you are getting the whole experience of this supernatural woman/goddess, who lives by her own rules.
Imagine the brightest atoll blue sky, and the softest fabric on Earth and then get to see it and feel it on your own skin. The white chiffon angel wings on your shoulders will be the extra ingredient to transform your everyday life into a story of love, peace, abundance, and above all, the immense strength of one woman's heart. Some call it magic, we call it Revolver Heart.

•Entirely handmade in Slovenia•

Mix it with a layered white tulle skirt for the ultimate Bean lady feel. For a more casual look, wear it slightly tucked into your classic black viscose pants or pair it with vintage jeans and a Chloé clutch.
 Our model is 178 cm and she is wearing a size S.


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