We don't sell shirts, we tell stories!



•TIME IS NOW is our thirteenth collection and the lucky number starts off our latest SS18 campaign, with a release of our brand new on line store that was highly anticipated. It features fifteen new stories, all about taking your control back as a woman, or even better, as a strong hearted individual. The outstanding quality of materials and prints are a result of five years of experiments and hard labour. All of our high quality clothes are ethical and entirely handmade in Slovenia. 

•This isn't just another campaign, it is our kind of call for justice and really equality on all levels. We were deeply moved by the Time's up movement; a unified call for change for women everywhere, and decided to join the revolution. It's probably no surprise, Revolver Heart was able to bring in a fun element, couse we feel that way people are more receptive and easier to reach.

•For centuries women everywhere were kept silent, submissive, raped and burned, but they kept on dancing - they kept on fighting. When a female is attractive looking and obedient, she is just a perfect mix for any macho chauvinist, not just Harvey Weinstein (laugh), but there was an inner ticking bomb in each and every woman.


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