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Cancellation Policy

  • You have a period of 15 days from the initial order date and time, to exercise your right to an order cancellation.

  • If you cancel your order within the prescribed time frame, you are exempt from paying any penalties or to justify your reasons for cancelling the order.

  • By canceling your order within the prescribed time frame, you are eligible for a full refund up to the value of the items you have ordered.

  • Any shipping costs, that may have already occurred by the moment of your cancellation, are not our responsibility and part of the refund. If the shipping costs have not yet occurred, they will get reimbursed together with a refund.

  • Orders cancelled or perhaps returned to Revolver Heart within the initial 15 day period will be processed within 7-10 business days upon receiving a cancellation or return. A confirmation email will be sent to you, once your account has been credited with a refund.

  • Withdrawals, cancellations, exchanges or returns are not accepted for the orders of unique customized products.

  • When that 15 day period expires, weekends and holidays are included, your order no longer qualifies under our "Cancellation policy". It will automatically get transferred under and be dealt with according to our "Returns policy".

Returns Policy

  • After the initial 15 day period of order cancellation rights expires, all of the orders automatically become part of our returns policies.

  • Starting from the day that our package was delivered, you are allocated a new 15 day time frame, that gives you a right to issue a return claim.

  • If you decide to issue a return order after a 15 day period granted to you by our returns policy has already expired, your return order will get refused.

  • All of the return claims must get issued through our "RETURNS CENTER" and receive our approval first, before the items can be sent back via shipping service. Failure to follow the procedure to do so, will result in the refusal your return order.

  • Please consider, that the approval process of your return claim can take a while. We may demand from you to provide us with more detailed information or a photo material proving our fault, before we will approve your return issue. We will always try to respond back to you as quick as possible and to solve the issue as fast as possible.

  • Upon receiving the approval on your return claim, you will be allocated with a new 5 day time period, weekends and holidays are included. This period will serve as a time frame for you, to package up all of the merchandise eligible for return and send it back to us via shipping service.

  • We consider a time stamp put on the returned package by the shipping service and not the date of delivery to our address as the official date of return. If you fail to oblige by the rules and return your order after the 5 day time frame has already expired, your return claim will get refused.

  • If you decide to issue a return order on let's say for example the 15th day upon receiving the package from us and it does get approved after some time has already passed, you will still be allocated with a new 5 day time frame to make the return happen. We will consider your return order as valid, even if the package will return to us outside of your initial 15 day period.

    Items eligible for a return

  • We only accept and approve returns, if they have something to do with our mistakes, such as:
    - any potential faults on the print
    - any potential faults on the fabric
    - any potential faults in the sewing process
    - us sending you the incorrect item, the one you haven't ordered
    - us sending you the item of an incorrect size, the one you haven't ordered
    - us sending you the item of an incorrect size, if the item was sent under a gift shipping method (an exception, we understand you couldn't know the correct measurements)
    - the package gets damaged in the delivery process, while you have opted for a premium or gift shipping methods (not applicable for budget shipping)
    - you opting for a gift shipping method and specifying that a delivery is needed up to a certain date and it got delivered to your address too late (check our expected delivery time frames)

  • We do not not accept and approve returns, if it is not our mistake. Like in the case of the following reasons:
    - client changing their mind, not wanting the product any more out of  whatever reason
    - client ordering a wrong size for themselves, despite us providing the detailed measurements of the products size
    - client deciding not to like the color of an item, despite us providing the sufficient photo material of the product clearly showing the color
    - client deciding not to like the design of our special sleeves, despite us providing the sufficient photo material of the product clearly showing the look of them

  • All of the return orders issued that will get approved, with the items that will meet the returning conditions will be dealt with accordingly:
    - Items that can have their faults repaired, will get them repaired
    - Items that can't have their faults repaired, will get exchanged for the new items of the same model.
    - Items that were of the incorrect size, will be exchanged for items of the same model in the correct size.
    - We do not exchange returned items for the items of a different model.
    - We do not do refunds under our returns policy, only under our cancellation policy.

  • Revolver Heart only accepts returns of unworn, unwashed and undamaged merchandise. Items must be returned packed inside the original packaging with all of the tags included still intact.
  • Revolver Heart reserves the right to refuse the return order of any merchandise that does not meet the above return requirements in Revolver Heart's sole discretion.

  • We are able to honor price adjustments only on the full price merchandise that has been marked down within the first 15 days of the original purchase date. Those items are therefore subjugated to the terms of our cancellation policy and not the terms of our returns policy. Items that were bought on the temporary promotions or flash sale events are not eligible for a return.

  • Shipping charges of the return order are eligible for a refund (as long as the standard shipping option is used, we will not cover any express shipping deals). There will also be no new shipping charges from receiving the new "repaired" package.

  • Packages returned to Revolver Heart will be processed within 7 business days upon receiving. A confirmation email will be sent to you, once your new merchandise has been dispatched.

Return Instructions

  • When making a return order, always issue it through our "RETURNS CENTER", that can be found in the main menu of the homepage

  • Fill out the return form with your original order number and your contact information, so that we can find your order in our archive faster.

  • Please don't forget to specify your reason for demanding a return, so that we know how to process your return order as effectively as possible.

  • We will send you a conformation message, as soon as your return order gets issued successfully, so that you will know that your return order is being worked on.

  • Your return order will then wait for the approval process to finish. If it will be required from you to provide some additional photo proof material of the problem, you will get contacted about it by our costumer support.

  • Upon receiving a confirmation or the return order, you will be allocated a 5 day time frame for making a return. Repack the merchandise in the original packing materials and enclose it together with any additional tags or promo material that came with the original package.

  • Using the carrier of your choice and expense, you can then send your package back to the following address: 

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